Studio Sessions

w/ Engineer | Mixing & Mastering

Per Hour - £25
5 Hour Day - £120
8 Hour Day - £180

Studio session prices include mixing & mastering of 2 songs max per session. There is a surcharge of £15 per song for mixing and mastering of each additional song.

All mixing & mastering is done outside of the hours you book so that you can maximize your time in the studio and be creative without having to watch the clock!

*All prices include use of studio equipment/instruments & VAT

Mixing & Re-Mixing

£90 per song*

If you have files & stems from a recording session at another studio or perhaps want your home recording professionally mixed & mastered then we can help!

*Prices may vary depending on the requirements of each project


£15 per song*

Perhaps you have your mixes just as you want them and all you need is the final polish to make them radio ready. For this we offer audio mastering at the highest quality and lowest price you're likely to find. This is the same mastering we include with each and every studio mix we undertake so you know you're getting a tried and tested mastering process! 

*Quantity discounts are available, please ask for details


Because every project is different we recommend you get in touch to discuss your session so we can provide you with the most accurate quotation possible and discuss your specific needs.