Mastering: The difference between adequate & exceptional recordings.

For many musicians who record at home or in the studio, the term 'mastering' can be very confusing. Mastering in a nutshell is the important final step in the recording process in which your music is given it's finishing touches before release. These finishing touches not only allow your music to stand toe to toe with other industry standard releases but also propels the quality of your recordings above those that overlook this vital process. 

How could my music benefit?

  • Focus on each stem - We will give each stem individual attention based on its needs before bringing everything together for a master that will surpass your expectations.
  • Volume level maximisation - We aim to bring the volume of your music to an industry standard 'radio ready' level.
  • Enhanced tone & EQ - Using a mix of technology and our years of experience we will sculpt the sound of your music.
  • Improved dynamics - With our unique 'tried and tested' chain of compression/limiting, we will add the 'glue' to bring your music together and a polished finish you'll be proud to release.
  • Stereo Widening - We can enhance the stereo width of your track to give it a larger than life sound.
  • Noise removal and restoration - Have any annoying pops, crackles or hisses in your mix? We can help eliminate them for a cleaner sound.
  • Mastered for iTunes, Spotify & more - We follow industry requirements from major music distributors so you can be sure your music will be accepted on all platforms.
  • Delivered in multiple formats - We supply your final masters in a range of file types incl. mp3 & WAV so that no matter what your music is being used for, you have the correct format. 
  • Multiple revisions - Music is never a 'one size fits all' so we encourage our customers to play an active role in creating the perfect master for your needs. We keep working on your music until you're happy!