Big Blog Catchup!

I really wanted to make this blog a regular feature and sailed through the first 3! Since then the studio has been busier than i could have expected and the blog has fallen by the wayside. Not that this is any excuse because it takes literally a few minutes to write something like this. But anyway i'm gonna give a quick breakdown of some of the stuff we've been up to over the past few months. 

March '13  

Work started on the TruStudios collaboration album when i had the pleasure of working with Jen Normandale (The Karma Heart) Mykl Barton (EnterTheLexicon) and my good pal David Wilkinson. Heres the result of that little bugger

April '13

We welcomed 'Shapeshifter films' and 'We Are Knuckle Dragger' to the studio for the recording of their interviews for an up coming documentary on the recording of the new Knuckle Dragger album!

May '13

We had a great 2 day session with 'Lost Legions' for the recording of their 'Pompeii' E.P. These guys have a fantastic work ethic and really pushed themselves and each other to make a great recording. Check them out

June '13

A very busy month indeed, kicked of by the release of a new TruStudios collaboration tune ft. Phil Bell, Chris Walton and Phil Hodgson 

We had 'The Side Project' in to record their latest single 'Why Not Now' which should be available soon. Had such a good laugh with the guys even if i couldn't handle their chilli! Check em out

Then we had 'Visions Of Madness' (@visionsofmad) the new solo project from former Laconia & Dryll frontman Scott Cavagan. We recorded his 1st single over a couple of sessions with the help of drummer, Ollie Rillands. Plans are already in place for many more tracks so keep your ears open. Here the first offering!

July '13

A couple of old friends Richey & Adam Featherstone came in to do a live recording of a few blues numbers. A really fun session as i got to dep on bass! 

I also finished mixing the latest album by Groove-A-Matics Ft: Johnny Whitehill. A truly great local blues band. The album was tracked at Windy City studios and then all mixing done at TruStudios, these jobs don't come around too often so i enjoyed every minute! 

So that's a bit of a run down...i'll try to be more regular! Thanks to all the great people i've worked with over the past few months. Hope to see you all in the studio again soon :)


Posted on August 13, 2013 .