EnterTheLexicon Session @ TruStudios

Me, Mykl & Craig

Last week i got my first watch of 'Sound City' the recently released Dave Grohl directed film/documentary about the aforementioned Californian studio which looked back at its history and the bands which have recorded there. There's been plenty of hype about this film and i'm sure that anyone who plays, writes, records or has any real interest in music will like this film. I absolutely loved it! And after watching it i couldn't wait for this session. The point of this session was to get as many live backing tracks recorded (guitar,bass and drums) as we could and then go back and overdub vocals. It's the first session in the studio that i've tried to record a band together in the live room with the intention of not going back and re-recording individual parts. Had i not just watched Sound City i probably would have found some other way to approach it but having been well and truly inspired by the film, we just went for it head on. I haven't started mixing the session yet and that will give me an idea of how bad (or good) the bleed is in the live room but the most important thing is that the takes were tight and full of energy, which for this type of recording is always more important than individual sounds, in my opinion. Anyways, it was a really enjoyable session. Will hopefully have some results of it all on here before too long. And check out Sound City if you get a chance, well worth a view and you'll definitely learn something from it.


ETL with the Hulkster on kit

Posted on February 11, 2013 .