Fu Fighters Session @ TruStudios

Me & the guys from Fu Fighters

Had a great weekend in the studio with the guys from 'Fu Fighters'. The lads are working hard to get a reputation on the tribute circuit which can be very lucrative once you have a reputation. The guys wanted a recording that they could pass on to promoters and venues so for me it was important to preserve a live feel to this session. We tracked the bass and drums together with the whole band playing live. We had guitars and vocals DI'd just for monitoring purposes to get as close to a perfomance as we could. Former bass player Chris, who was standing in while the lads find a new bassist, was on a tight schedule which is why we tracked the bass and drums together. Normally i would have just tracked drums and then gone back and tracked bass seperately but it wasn't so much of a problem in this project as we wanted that live feel anyways.

John On Lead

Karl On Drums

Tracking guitars was a lot of fun. John and Kev have some lovely Gibson and Marshall gear so we really went to town trying to match up the tones from the original recordings.  We knew we were never going to find carbon copy sounds, but just getting in to the ball park gave the whole thing an authentic feel, especially when we knew we weren't going to be layering 30 guitars on top of each other. We kept the tracking to a minimum as the priority was to give a true representation of the band as a live outfit. Although when it came to vocals I couldn't resist a bit of double tracking, it just wouldn't have been right to do 'Big Me' without it!

Kev On Rhythm & Vocals

As a side note, the guys are still looking for a bass player so if your interested you can find them here:


Posted on January 29, 2013 .